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hug in a box letterbox gift

A bear hug for you - pamper letterbox gift

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Literally a hug in a box with this letterbox gift, the lid is super cute with a teddy bear and reads hugs from be to you xxx. pink box pink tissue sealed with a pretty sticker that reads its the little things, packaging is everything.

Who doesn't need a hug sometimes and to know there are people thinking about us, we all do.

So what is in the box?

A cool lip mask

A collagen gold eye mask - cooling

Some lovely crafted border biscuits - flavor varies

a bath bomb mini fizz - raspberry ripple

a bath bomb fizz - lemon

a pukka organic tea - varies in flavour

black tea with a card that reads - with a cup of tea in your hand, anything is possible. We will enjoy one together SOON over a good catch up

pick n mix - who doesn't love that at any age?

maoam sweet

eco spa body cream pouch

cute jazzy nail file - colour varies

A cart that reads - true friends are like diamonds - precious and rare, bright and beautiful and always in style.

love heart sweeties.

A note from you in a cute little envelope. (we will email or text you for this), please make sure the shipping address is your friends. 

we will then send it with love from you, don't worry we don't include the invoice. shhhhh thats between you and I.

We also run a gift the giver competition at the end day of the month, we pop all customers names into a computer generated app and the winner get chosen and sent their own mystery box, we like to do this to show our appreciation and bring a smile which is why we started this business. <3