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Angel mist - stunning art for precious cremains - MUST SEE VIDEO - only one available

Angel mist - stunning art for precious cremains - MUST SEE VIDEO - only one available

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Art with your loved ones cremains  

This Super stunning art piece will adorn your home for generations to come, It has many layers of resin coating which is super smooth to the touch. 

We always take video as some photos in different lighting can make colours vary so please bear that in mind. 

This is a handcrafted (not machine made) art piece made on wood board with stunning blues and gold, layered for depth effect, depending on where it is placed in the home it has different blues that really stand out and the gold pops when it hits the light. 

Precious ashes are placed grain by grain by hand and then the piece has a final layer of clear resin with a sprinkle of glow so you can see it at night too. 

For a brighter glow place the piece under the light. 

It comes with a free stand and is 12" round (not including stand, taller than 12"with) 

The piece takes many days to complete but when purchased as soon as we receive precious ashes, the art is returned special delivery within 2 to 3 weeks or sooner. 

The pieces are all individual and no two ever the same. 

When looking at it head on you cant see the sparkle, its subtle but in other lights it sparkles bright . We don't use a regular glitter we use a dust which is sparkly. 

The back is painted plain in a matching colour for you. 

Ashes will be visible, but don't really change the look, we only require 1 small teaspoon. To see an example of a piece with ashes please see here 

It will be an absolute honour for me to make this for you. 

Art is a forever keepsake and won't get lost like jewellery can, we just love it so much.