Beach scene mini geode on wood with seashells and precious ashes

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Art with Cremation ashes

Beautiful forever memento. Lovely beach scene with real seashells, loved ones ashes will be scattered around the shells and beach part and sealed forever in clear glassy smooth resin. There is a dusting of subtle gold sparkle round the shells that catch the light too, really pretty. (if you would like to see an example of how your loved ones ashes will look please see the 12" round plaque)  6" x 6" art mini can be placed on the wall or free standing it is 2" thick. 


once purchased precious ashes are added, the whole piece is sealed with a resin clear flood coat, sides are sanded and varnished.  

This is a truly unique keepsake and it will be an honour for me to make it for you or for someone special to you.