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BREAST MILK JEWELLERY - birthstone heart

£73.99 £73.99


Breastmilk jewellery 

This lovely discreet heart pendant is made from sterling silver with an 18-inch sterling silver chain 15 x 13 mm inside diameter. It has a lovely Swarovski crystal to represent birth month. 

Your own breast milk is preserved, left to turn into stone then ground into a fine powder which we then set into the jewellery. 

Breast milk preservation for jewellery 

At Sentimental Keepsake we don't believe Mums should be kept in the dark about how their own breast milk is preserved. So we have provided our customers with this information about our tested preservation methods here. 


 This would also make a lovely and thoughtful gift for a partner or family member and something for them to cherish long after baby grows up. 

It has an unusual and elegant design for ladies who like something a little different. 

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These are keepsakes made with love by you and created with love by us. <3 

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