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breast milk preservation powder

Breast milk preservation powder - now available for the public.

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Preserving breast milk and memories 

Hi there Mums, My name is Debbie and I run a company called sentimental keepsake where I make breast milk jewellery and cremation jewellery. I have designed the breast milk preservation powder with a number of safe organic preservatives so Mums can preserve breast milk for jewellery making safely at home without the use of chemical methods which we previously used.

How to preserve breast milk 

What you are buying - one sachet of preservation powder (one preservation) and an instruction sheet on how to use it. After purchase we also supply you with a video tutorial link (youtube) on how to use it also. So that is a bonus. The link will come with your powder my lovelies.

We are NOT supplying the jewellery or e-class ... we have this on another listing in a letterbox gift for only £39.99 for the remainder of 2020 

You will need 5ml of breast milk to one sachet.

How to make breast milk jewellery

If you wish to learn a whole wide range of breast milk jewellery making either for yourself or to start a business then we do run easy e-classes, courses are video tutorials and contain numerous video and text files for you, we are the first company offering courses of this style in the UK.
If you would like to do the course (not included in this listing) please pop over to we also have a private fb family group too for our course members to learn things not on the course and all chat to one another.

Preservation powder is also discounted for course members.
Happy making and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, I am here to help if you need me. Much love and a hug x