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Breastfeeding award ring by sentimental keepsake.




This stunning solid silver breast milk ring has a double 6mm cabochon setting, with a stunning silver Swarovski pearl cabochon and your precious breast milk cabochon. A perfect way to congratulate yourself, a partner or a friend on their 6-month breastfeeding journey A truly treasured gift. This ring is imported from the US so sizes we do are

US size 5 = UK J 1/2,

US size 6 = UK L 1/2,

US size 7= UK N 1/2,

US size 8 = UK P 1/2,

US size 9 = UK S

This ring is a lovely memento of your breastfeeding journey. Made with love by you and crafted with love by us. 

We never keep Mums in the dark over how their breast milk is preserved so please see our blog to find out. Very fascinating. 

Please make sure you give the correct ring size as we are unable to change it for you. 

Please make sure you remove rings while showering, washing up or using chemicals and follow the instructions on the care sheet. 

Breast milk pictures, special service.

Special service unique to sentimental keepsake...If you would like a photo of your milk when it has just been preserved before it hardens then please make sure to pop a note in with your order requesting and we can do that for you emailed to you. If for any reason you miss the email with your photo of we may have not sent it, please give us a nudge via text or email. Please also note we only photograph when requested. 

We can also add other materials such as dehydrated placenta, hair, dried umbilical cord fragments, gold and silver leaf etc.. you will find these in the drop-down menu in the product descriptions.  (if you don't see them in options please send us a message)

Sending breast milk (more on the FAQ page) 

Breast milk; please send 20-30ml for one piece or 30ml for two ONLY in a breast milk bag making sure all air is depressed and locked tightly, fold the bag in half and place inside 2 more breastmilk bags (we like to be secure, as this is precious to you and quite often have milk leak into the second bag but never usually the third) on all bags please write your name and order number for us Post in a padded jiffy bag, we ask that you send back your precious materials signed for but this is up to you, you can just secure with a large first class stamp. But as the posties can sometimes get it wrong you cant always rely on them Although 9 times out of ten they are pretty good, so I will leave that choice up to you. Also, we would really appreciate an email or text to 07718596113 to let us know when you are sending. As soon as we receive your Milk we shall contact you within two days. We are able to accept milk that has been frozen for many years, simply defrost 24 hours before sending.  Also for any reason you may not be able to get enough milk the smallest amount we can work with is 5ml so please don't worry. 



we have a small postal cost to go toward first class signed for at £1.50 or special next day tracked and signed at £4.80 we try and keep our keepsake costs down for everybody due to postage etc... 

This ring is a lovely memento of your breastfeeding journey. 

Please make sure you remove rings while showering, washing up or using chemicals and follow the instructions on the care sheet.

We also like to give our lovely customers a small free gift to say thank you for purchasing their keepsake with us. Please go to the free gift page and select. 

On how to send us precious breastmilk please see our FAQ page. 

Turn around time for this ring is 4-5 weeks possibly sooner.