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Cinderella pamper letterbox gift - cute and fun gift for a friend.

Cinderella pamper letterbox gift - cute and fun gift for a friend.

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Pamper gifts for friends 

Wow, pretty pink box pink tissue a cool box lid with a Cinderella quote and bling what more could any girl want? this would certainly cheer me up that for sure.

So what does your friend get?

1...Luxury silk lashes differ in style but pretty much all the same (we don't supply glue, most lash lovers have their own)

2... a tool to apply lashes

3...A large pink and white makeup removing puff - reusable and washable just soak it - gentle microfiber all the rage right now.

4...collagen lip mask

5... vanilla oil burner sizzler makes the home smell lush

6...galaxy chocolate bar

7... 2 white choc stars and a card that reads - friends are like little stars... you don't always see them, but you know they are there.

8... 2 strawberry choc hearts with sprinkles.

9... a card that reads - friends are like diamonds precious and rare and always in style.

10... a jazzy nail file

11... tea with a card that reads, with a cup of tea in hand anything is possible, we will enjoy one together SOON when we meet up

12... a FREEBIE - butterfly face mask while stocks last - keeping your friend safe and in style (if this is not wanted just let me know)

13... nifty eyebrow or fine hair trimmer 

14... the best bit - your personal note, write it as short and sweet as you like or as long as you like and I will type it up and pop it in a cute envelope from you (we will text you or email you as soon as you order for this info) 

please make sure the shipping address when you check out is your friends

we don't include invoice in the box so don't worry