Colourful Abstract - art with cremation ashes

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This striking and colourful abstract is painted on a grey background to make the colours really pop, mesmerising to look at in that some say it looks like a flower and others see swirly patterns of pretty colours, that is what we like about abstracts, people often visualise different things. Your precious loved ones ashes are placed in thin lines on the colourful part, they wont make much difference to the visual look of the artwork but you will see them up close and you will feel them, they are set with resin to keep them sealed always, for a beautiful forever memento. 

To see how to send your loved ones precious ashes please go to the FAQ page all we need is a small teaspoon. 

Size - 40x51cm

colours used - grey - metallic silver - viridian - magenta - titanium white - mars black - cerulean - cadmium yellow - cadmium orange.