Turn around time 3-6 weeks possibly sooner. Deal with one person from start to finish for a personal service, made with love . x

GLIMMER OF GOLD SILVER, JADE OR BRONZE X 2 CHARMS ... simply because you like the glimmer or you want to celebrate 48 hr, 3, 6, or 12 moths of breastfeeding




Breast milk charm bead. 


 Whether it is to celebrate your breastfeeding milestones or just because you like the designs you will treasure this little collection. There is no pressure to purchase at these months.   if you don't see the combination to choose from please pick the different combination tab and when you check out you can post in the comments box. You could also share this offer with a friend although I can only deliver to one address so please take that into consideration. But i don't mind preserving 2 lots for the same offer. 

The awards seem to vary online apart from your silver and gold for 6 and 12 months. So we will also add to our own awards collection over the next few weeks. Sentimental keepsake breastfeeding awards. 

At the moment we have Liquid jade for that first 48 hours, Bronze 3 months, silver 6 months or gold for 12 months. 

The bead will fit onto your Pandora charm bracelet, It is cored with solid silver and stamped with Sentimental keepsake, because sentimental keepsake is our brand and your keepsake is sentimental. 

Your very own breast milk is chemically preserved and turned into stone, it is then ground to a fine powder with lightly tinted resin. You can see some of the milk particles in some of the beads dependant on how finely ground they are.  

It is a lovely little memento of a bonding journey you and your baby shared and will be a keepsake to treasure for years to come. 

To see how we preserve your milk please see our blog. At sentimental keepsake we don't think Mums should be kept in the dark about this process as it's also fascinating to see.

For information on how to send your precious milk please see the FAQ page 


Special service unique to sentimental keepsake...If you would like a photo of your milk when it has just been preserved before it hardens then please make sure to pop a note in with your order requesting and we can do that for you emailed to you. If for any reason you miss the email with your photo of we may have not sent it, please give us a nudge via text or email. Please also note we only photograph when requested. 

 Turn around time from when we receive your milk is 3-5 weeks.

We also like to give our lovely customers a small free gift to say thank you for purchasing their keepsake with us. Please have a look at the free gift page and add. (these gifts also include an extra breast milk keepsake so how fab is that, some customers like to gift it to their child when they are older) 

(our photos are of real products no special effects no computer generated images or Photoshop and no fancy camera, just a simple phone camera and up close views so that you can see the genuine product) 


Price is for one hand-crafted bead - the bracelet is pictured for illustration only.