Cremation memorial jewellery making course online.
Cremation memorial jewellery making course online.
Cremation memorial jewellery making course online.

Cremation memorial jewellery making course online.

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With this easy to learn course you can now cut the cost and make your own memorial jewellery we teach you to work with resin and where to source the best materials. 

We have had many on the course go onto setting up successful business from our course and others who wish to make for their family and themselves without having to send ashes away. 

When you order I will send you a selection of 3 mica powder colours you can use. (the rest of the materials you will need to source from the materials list on the course, but if you want you can do one section at a time and is not expensive, a bottle of resin and a jewellery base which can be sourced inexpensively for practice. 

The course has many written files and video files, you will learn how to make rings pendants charm beads and more all from the comfort of your own home, you can stop and start videos at your own pace, and the best part is when ordering from our website the course is discounted to only £16.99, providing you with knowledge that we have gained over the past 8 plus years in making memorial keepsakes. 

By the time you finish this course you will be competent enough in making memorial jewellery we are sure of that. 

You will learn to work with epoxy resin not UV resin as UV resin although quick and easy it yellows fast no matter the brand.  

So we teach a lot not just the making side videos. So be brave and start a wonderful new venture with us today. 

We have been proud to teach a number or UK and Europe small business who are now thriving from taking this very course. 

When you buy this course please check out and include the email you want to use, when you check out I will use that email address and pop you on the course, so make sure you check your spam mail too. the course is keepsake boss at podia so any email with that will be your course .... you then sign in and create your own password and it is as easy as that. 


Don't worry I shall be on hand if you need any questions answering or you get stuck ...

Enjoy and be creative.