Crystal Ashes bracelet - super stunning 8mm crystals

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Cremation jewellery

Wow what can I say, these have to be my favourite of all keepsakes because they are easy to wear and there is nothing else like them on the keepsake market. 

This precious bracelet has sparkly czech crystal 8mm or 6mm crystals with a fully precious ashes 8mm pearl also with little onyx nuggets, the pearl is capped with sterling silver and it has a sterling silver bead at the back for style. 

Simply roll over your hand onto your wrist like a sabo bracelet does. it also comes in various sizes. 

to measure wrist take a length of string wrap it around your wrist and see what it measures in cm. 

To see how to send your precious ashes please see our FAQ page. 

Bracelets also only have a 2-3 week turn around time from when I receive precious ashes (unless ordering with something else then it may vary)