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Custom art - (your loved ones cremains and photo) stunning plaque 10" with loved ones cremains and photo - introductory offer - see video

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Cremation ashes 


I honestly cant think of anything more personal, I love this because it wont ever get lost and it will be by the bedside when I wake and when I sleep it glows at night. 

I will design a personal one for you, the colours will be the same the only difference will be your loved ones photo, ashes and patterning will be unique for you. I work with resin, it forms its own patterns so although almost the same it will be different in pattern. 

I will need 1 teaspoon of loved ones precious ashes, 2 photos that I may trim, please note they need to be proper photos not on paper. I will just use the one, the other is in case one gets damaged although it probably won't. 

it is wood round on an iron stand, loved ones ashes are placed grain by grain and can be visible although smooth to the touch, it really is a true forever sentimental keepsake. 

The back will be painted. 

The piece on the front will be glassy and smooth, just clean with a microfibre cloth. When the gold hits the light it really pops. 

It will be made with many layers of resin and takes a few days to complete with love. 

Turn around time is 0ne to two weeks from when I receive precious ashes. 

When you order I will pop you out a kit if in the UK to post your ashes back to us. If not in the UK please see the FAQ page on how to send them,