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A lovely way to hold a loved one close and something you can add your own touch and style too. Designed by you. 


Pick one or two gemstones from the drop-down menu. 

STEP 2...

Pick your first gemstone 

STEP 3... 

If you want two gemstones in your bead to message us with second stone when you check out there is a comments box. 

STEP 4...

Pick from a rectangle plaque or a heart plaque then message your option (see images) ex... in memory of my Mum or with me always heart. 

STEP 5...

Leave a comment when you check out which Swarovski colour you would like. 

light Pink, dark pink, light blue, dark blue, light topaz, black, crystal, amethyst, lilac, red, dark green, light green (if there is an option I haven't listed please ask as I can get all colours) 

STEP 6...

Put a small teaspoon of loved one's ashes in a small clear snap bag or similar. Place the bag in an envelope marked with name, order number, and your plaque, crystal colour and gemstone choices. Place the envelope in a small padded envelope and the address for sending will come up when you check out. 

Please choose options from the drop-down menu. To see what gemstones and charm plaques look like, see the gemstone charm beads page to get some idea. 

please note images are for reference, your bead may look darker or lighter in colour due to loved one's ashes coarseness and colour. 

The Swarovski crystal we can get most colours so if we haven't listed a colour please leave in the comments box at checkout. You get 5 sparkly Swarovski crystals per bead (one colour only)

Also please message us with plaque choice (in images) as there are too many for the drop-down menu. 

The gemstones, you can have two colours or one. We can also put more than one loved one's ashes in the one bead if you like. 

Please be sure when you purchase your bead choose your FREE gift from our gift page. If you choose an ashes bedtime bottle we can do this to match your bead if you like. Especially nice if your keepsake if a gift and it will also come in a display gift stand too.(if you pick the matching bottle gift) .

(FOR TWO TONE BEADS WITH TWO COLOUR GEMSTONE, PLEASE LEAVE A NOTE IN THE COMMENT SECTION OF WHICH TWO YOU WOULD LIKE ALSO WHICH PLAQUE WHEN YOU CHECK OUT... THERE IS A COMMENT BOX) In images, we have used a two gemstone with aquamarine and amethyst, a Baltic amber one stone and a rhodonite one stone.  


memorial gift cremation ashes

Plaque choices 




 Two-tone example 

Single colour example