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cremation ashes ring

One of a kind - gemstone - rainbow moonstone ashes ring

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Cremation ashes ring 

This stunning sterling silver ring has a rainbow moonstone gemstone and precious loved ones ashes. Ashes can be seen up close or through a magnifying glass. 

A totally unique piece of jewellery to remember a loved one. 

Rainbow moonstone is known as white labradorite that exhibits flashy rainbows throughout. 

Personally it is one of the prettiest gemstones i have come across making it a perfect addition to our unique collections. With a moonshine sheen that rolls over it when it is rotated the sheen is caused by light diffraction within the layers, The sheen is a beautiful angel blue when it hits the light and almost a clear look when it is not in light. 

Moonstone is thought to bring balance, harmony and hope. 

Please note remove precious jewellery when cooking or showering and washing up. Clean with a silver polishing cloth.