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how to make breast milk jewellery

Breast milk jewellery making beginners course - now less than half price for 2020 only - how to make breast milk jewellery letterbox gift - charm beads, rings, pendants.

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Wow what an offer, this course from keepsake boss is usually 69.99 - £89.99 we are offering the opportunity to do the breast milk jewellery making course for beginners as well as the preservation powder.

The course is online you can view the course at As soon as you place your order here on sentimental keepsake  we will send your breast milk preservation powder with a box selection of biscuits tea and coffee for you to sit back and enjoy watching the course videos.  once you have received your preservation powder please message me and forward your email so I can pop you on the course. We pop you on our course after you receive your powder.

The only course materials we provide is the preservation powder. But a full list is on your course, you do not have to buy in everything at once, you can do one little project at a time and the course has no start or end date. You can pause and rewind the course videos. There are many video and text files.

You will learn using SK professional preservation powder which has been tried and tested. You can also use your own preservation method if you wish.
No skill or experience necessary.

So why have we decided to discount this so much? we this year has been an awful one for many of you, people losing jobs etc... so hopefully this will enable you to learn a new lucrative trade or learn just for personal jewellery for yourself and friends.

Especially now as we have stopped breast milk jewellery making we only make jewellery with an art piece as we want to focus on art and other projects we simply don't have the 24/7 time to make jewellery. A best seller was charm beads but as I said we spent all our days 7 days a week making them with no time to work on other projects. 

You will learn all about working with resin, ppe you need, access to all our supplier lists etc... you will learn charm beads, pendants rings and more. So exciting.

What you are getting in this listing ----- sk preservation powder and online course in breast milk jewellery making.

In our photos is a few of the things we will make on the course style may vary
we learn lots.

We have now hung up our jewellery making gloves and specialise in art with the breast milk artist using the SK preservation powder. However Mums do get a FREE item of jewellery with art so we do still make the jewellery.

We hope you will enjoy this as much as we do, a new found hobby or career and I wish you all the love and luck in the world with your new venture.

We deliver in 2 business days