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how to make cremation ashes jewellery

How to make cremation jewellery - 23 video files and 19 text files

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This new course is the first of it's kind in the UK and a very special trade to learn, if you don't want to make for others just your family and friends then that is also fine, we teach a number of jewellery making settings with precious ashes, from pendants and rings that are flush set to cabochon settings such as rings, pendants earrings etc... 

Resin course, we are not teaching glass or fine silver. 
You will learn our "secret method" to suspending ashes in charm beads so they look like they float. 

We will also let you know a list of reputable silver suppliers that we ourselves use. Along with all the other supplies you will need, you can of course also source your own settings, bases, resin and moulds if you wish. 

You will learn how to safely work with resin, other sections of the course will give you tips and information on how and where to sell your products and what help may be available for you.

 You are also free to join a community of other keepsake artists for support, tips and ideas should you like to be part of our new keepsake family then we shall welcome you with love and open arms. 

Our Business side of the course is tips and ideas for free recourse's you can use for selling such as social media, etsy etc... website platform that we use. 
We do not go into all the in's and out's of financials, VAT taxes etc... as you can find information on this on your own government sites wherever you are in the world. As this will differ. 
Also (if you wan't a business) how much profit you will make is down to your own advertising, marketing and social media efforts and also what materials you decide on working with.  We do give tips on pricing but this really is up to you. 

How does that sound? 

please feel free to sign up today and start on a path of an amazing heartwarming career that you will love as much as I do. 

Please note, this course teaches you how to set the jewellery - any materials we have used can be sourced all over the world, we are in the UK, companies we use do ship, however if you want to cut the costs of shipping then please use the materials list as a guide and source in your country if you want to do that. 

We do not give out materials lists into the public domain as i am sure you can appreciate this is for our lovely customers eyes only. 

However if you wanted to do one little project at a time you can do that at a rough costing of around £40, for a whole course roughly £140 this is only a rough guide, obviously all this depends on what resin size you buy and what silver bases you buy and how many you want, so we can't calculate that i'm afraid lovelies. 

"disclaimer" - please note this is not a course designed to set you up a business it is a course designed to teach you a number of keepsake making techniques and how to make the jewellery should you wish to learn them to set up your own business. We do however give you a few tips on easily setting up and getting started your wonderful new venture"

We wish you lots of love, luck and inspiration to create pieces you love we hope you have an amazing journey x

What's included?

 23 videos  19 text files