Beautiful keepsakes made for you. Or online courses learning to make your own precious keepsakes from the comfort of your own home. Orders will take longer to post at this sad time so please bear with me.
Beautiful keepsakes made for you. Or online courses learning to make your own precious keepsakes from the comfort of your own home. Orders will take longer to post at this sad time so please bear with me.
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cremation ashes jewellery  and breastmilk jewellery - Sentimental Keepsake
Sentimental Keepsake

How to make breast milk jewellery for business - eLearning course - pre-course early bird sale price.

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keepsake Jewellery eLearning 


No experienced needed. basic level 

Please note, this course teaches you how to make breast milk jewellery. The preservation method used is our own preservation powder system, which you will get a free sample of and will be available to purchase. Unless you have your own preservation method. 

Want a career that will enable you to work from home? 

Please read, at the end we will provide a link with extra Q&A's 

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make breast milk jewellery? countless hours of trying to figure it out on your own and learn how? well look no further everything we know you can know too. This is an eLearning course that you can learn in the comfort of your own home in your own time. 

The course videos are watching while I work so they are raw, no fancy hard to understand perfectly edited video that makes it look hard when it's not, you can see everything in real time as I do it, along with the blunders that you can learn from and you won't have any robot sounding voice overs, It will be me talking to you while making it as if I was teaching a one to one at your home. 

Either to make for yourself and friends or start your own business and learn a new lucrative trade in 2020, do something that your future self will thank you for. 

This is not a diy kit, it is an eLearning experience with many lessons and video tutorials. 

This is an early bird offer price so you get it at a discount until the course starts 8th April when we will enrol you onto our eLearning platform. 

So what will I learn - 

  • Breast milk preservation using sentimental keepsake organic safe preservation powder unless you have your own preservation method. (we will supply you with a free sample but please request this on email) You will also be able to purchase after the course (please note this preservation is only aloud to be purchased by our students) 
  • safety
  • resin types and how to measure it properly
  • pigments, shimmers, opal glow and glitter
  • moulds 
  • making a cabochon
  • setting a cabochon
  • charm beads big or small
  • fixing cores into charm beads
  • setting breast milk and hair
  • breast milk domed or flush settings -  rings, pendants 
  • where you can purchase silver settings and moulds 
  • Swarovski crystal heart and ring flush setting
  • Gemstone flush setting 
  • crystal point pendant 
  • taking care of jewellery
  • A short lesson on business tips and getting started and how you can do that on as little as £50 if you want to pick one technique to start, also brief marketing tips and keeping yourself positive, 
  • where do I sell?  what platforms are the best, web hosting etc...
  • advice on where to buy silver bases and materials
  • If you decide to go into business for yourself I have good organic website traffic and am happy to promote you online. 

When I started in business, I had a £50 budget, so I bought charm bead moulds, cores and resin and some colours, I built my way up adding new products with the charm bead profits, so this is an option. If you wanted a start up costing for all projects and materials you are looking at a rough budget of £150 this will get you a number of silver bases, moulds, resin, pigments bits you need in order to photograph some items so you have a number of pieces for your website. When the course goes live we will have a materials list and pricing for you. 

(so this is a relatively low cost business start up for you, as soon as you have learnt the techniques you can get marketing and earning) 

Please NOTE, this is teaching you the basics of making cremation jewellery - setting up your business and how fast you make an income and grow your business with what you learn is down to your own marketing efforts. 

    Wishing you the best of luck and love and look forward to seeing you on the course.

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    Please feel free to read these extra Q&A's before purchase here  

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