LARGE STATEMENT AGATE PENDANT ashes or breastmilk bead.

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breast milk jewellerybreast milk jewellery breast milk jewellery Absolutely stunning large semi-precious agate pendant. This pendant has tones of blue brown and black with white markings. It can be made with a precious 9mm breastmilk bead as pictured or with a precious 9mm Ashes bead which will have a mix of black onyx and ashes both capped with sterling silver. This piece can be worn at any length very from long to short choker style depending on what you are wearing. It has a mix of blue stripe agate beads, black crystals, Swarovski pearls in white, 2 shell pearl beads and blue crystals. They are strung onto black nylon cord with a fancy square knot closure. 

Please bear in mind that this is a one-off piece. The image is for photo purposes and the beads and pendant are now de-strung ready to restring with your own precious bead. You won't find anything else that is as unique as this collection. It is a first for the keepsake market and we hope you will love it as much as we do. 

Stylish, modern and versatile. But most of all PRECIOUS In more ways than one. 

A unique piece to pay tribute to a loved one or remember a precious bonding journey. 

Please also give us your neck measurement when you order. 

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