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Mermaid scales modern fine silver breast milk necklace (with FREE complementary charm bead)

Mermaid scales modern fine silver breast milk necklace (with FREE complementary charm bead)

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Breast milk jewellery 

This one you can even where in the shower, most silver is you know is 925 this pendant is 99.9% fine silver. A forever memento of your breastfeeding journey, not only super stylish and modern but also discreet and is a timeless piece that will go with anything. 

Your Breast milk is preserved using the chemical method as our preservation powder is to fine and powder like causing the silver to not fire properly. It is sprinkled within the pendant and mermaid scales design is imprinted into the top before it is left to dry and then fired. 

And to top it off we gift you a tiny slinky breast milk charm bead (free) that will fit a pandora style bracelet or for a keepsake box. 

If requested we can also snap you a photo of your breast milk in the silver before it is turned into the heart. please note this must be requested in writing when you send back your breast milk. 

This also has a turn around time of 2-3 weeks and comes with a free 18" chain. 

Taking care of this simply rub with a silver polishing cloth from time to time to keep it shiny and sparkly. 

It will be both an honour and a pleasure making this for you to represent your breastfeeding journey. 

When you order we will send you out a kit, all we require is 15ml of breast milk. 

If you are struggling then we can work with less. So please don't let that stress you my lovelies. 

We only have a small collection of breast milk jewellery as we are focusing on our art pieces, however please see mothers love on the collection page link for things like rings, she is absolutely amazing and i am proud to say completed our breast milk jewellery making course and is designing unique lovely items,