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Midnight and gold geode for breast milk 10

Midnight and gold geode for breast milk 10"

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Sparkly gold and midnight blue geode art on round wood mdf (heavy) coated with many layers of super smooth glassy resin to give the line work depth. It comes on an iron stand and is 10"

 It will complement most home decor, it is chic and luxurious and super sparkly. I wish the video picked up what the naked eye sees with the sparkly glassiness and 3D depth. Simply clean with a microfiber cloth. 

Why breast milk art over jewellery? it can be handed down, the whole family can enjoy it and it wont get lost. A keepsake with originality and style. 

A lot of loving work goes into these geodes over a number of days they are something we absolutely have a love and a passion for in making them. 

For breast milk we need 10-20ml see FAQ page, breastmilk is dried crushed and preserved and scattered over the crystal part and sealed forever. We shoot a quick video of it going in for you. 

(should this piece sell please message me and I can create you another)