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memorial jewellery for ashes in the uk

Circle of love leather wrap ashes bracelet.

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Absolutely stunning and totally unique, with a bohemian look.

The ashes disk is 10mm made with fine solid silver, most silver jewellery is 925 sterling, this is 99.9%. 

The imprint is unique to your loved one, like a fingerprint, how coarse or fine your loved ones ashes are will be how deep the imprint is. We call these the feel-able keepsake, they are nice to touch and rub feeling the imprint and surface more so than other jewellery such as glass or resin. Personally for me I find it a comfort.   

Your loved ones ashes are also sprinkled and concealed throughout the disk then imprinted into the top giving it a classy modern hammered look, buffed polished and ready for you. 

Adjustable small, medium, large.

We will send you out a form and bag with order number on after purchase if you are in the UK if you are abroad please see the FAQ page on sending precious ashes. 

Turn around time is 2 weeks from when we receive precious ashes.