Turn around time 3-6 weeks possibly sooner. Deal with one person from start to finish for a personal service, made with love . x

OBSIDIAN AND TWINKLING STARS - X 2 CHARMS (choice of twinkly Swarovski crystal colours or plain)

OBSIDIAN AND TWINKLING STARS - cremation charm beads



There are a few options with this lovely charm. Plain stunning Obsidian, or an option to choose small super twinkly Swarovski crystals that shine like little stars against the black of the semi-precious stone.  Choose either a loved ones favourite colour, your own favourite colour or to represent a birth month. 

 The bead will fit onto your Pandora charm bracelet, It is cored with solid silver and stamped with Sentimental keepsake, because sentimental keepsake is our brand and your keepsake is sentimental. 



This beautiful dark stone is formed from volcanic lava and dates back to the stone age. Some believe in the powers of gemstones and believe that Obsidian is a good stone to shield negative energy and believe in its healing properties and as a rescue remedy for shock and trauma. 

This really is a Lovely tribute to your loved one. Their precious ashes are carefully placed grain by grain by hand around the gemstones, they are then left to set for a few days before being polished and the core fitted. Turn around time is 2-5 weeks from when we receive Ashes possibly sooner. 

For how to send precious ashes please see the FAQ page. 

(our photos are of real products no special effects no computer generated images or Photoshop and no fancy camera, just a simple phone camera and up close views so that you can see the genuine product) 

Please note that ashes differ from coarse to fine white to grey to black this can make the bead seem lighter or darker.

We also like to give our lovely customers a small free gift to say thank you for purchasing their keepsake with us. Please go to the free gift page and select where you can also choose another keepsake of a 2 ml ashes bottle to colour match your charm.