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This is a stunning unisex bracelet easy to wear with great style, it can be dressed up or worn casual. It has semi-precious Tigers eye beads, sterling silver caps and silver haematite beads. The precious centre bead is made from precious ashes and semi precious Tigers eye. The bracelet comes in small 6" wrist, 8" or 9" if you request another size please write it in the comments box when check out and we will do a custom size for you state 6 " 7" or 8" 

Tigers eye

Tigers eye is a stunning stone known for its luminescent bands of gold and rich brown tones. It is said to be a stone of protection that is also stabilising and grounding. Tigers eye dates back thousands of years, the beautiful quartz was carved into talismans by the Ancient Roman soldiers to protect them and give them courage. Tigers eye was not named because of its colour but for the character of the tiger with its courage, strength and focus.   

A simply stunning tribute to a loved one giving you a real feel of their presence, reminding you that they are always close by. 

This is particularly good for people who are usually non jewellery wearers who find dainty pieces to fiddly. With this bracelet you can put it on and not worry. 

On how to send your precious ashes please see the FAQ page