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ashes charm bead cremation jewellery

perfectly pink - ashes charm bead - Swarovski crystal and clear

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Pink is a beautiful colour, because it is one of the colours that the sun makes twilight and in the dawns. - quote C. Joybell 

Pink isn't just a colour it's an attitude too - quote - Miley Cyrus. 

This Lovely charm is a  small standard size 14mm x 7mm and is fitted with sterling silver inserts, It has a sparkling Swarovski rose pink crystal, clear resin  and your loved ones precious ashes. 

It would be an honour to make for you. 

We will send you out a form and bag with order number on after purchase if you are in the UK if you are abroad please see the FAQ page on sending precious ashes. 

Turn around time 2 weeks from when we receive precious ashes

We are also the first company offering e-classes learning to make cremation jewellery please feel free to take a look if this interests you. HERE