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(Fast 2 week turn around on pyramids unless ordering with jewellery this is subject to change if we get a bigger pyramid workload as I work alone)

This is for an agate combo pyramid that will be constructed using the agate slice pictured (not the one inside the pyramid) these are speciality pyramids and no two will ever be the same.  However the colour combo layering in images will be the same as in the images and video, if you are going for the large pyramid  we keep on going with the same colour combo. You can also add a photo to the base ( no bigger than 9x9cm for small or 11x11 for large, I can also collage photos for you as long as they fit, you may also like to add a lock of your own hair or all your family members, anything that is special to you including pet fur to the base this is your unique pyramid) If you want a photo we add the photo and layer it with clear resin and a pinch of ashes. (please see images of what the photo looks like as it is in a different pyramid, we can add a photo to all) 

It also has many little sparkly Swarovski crystals. If you want an in memory of plaque we have in memory of my MOM,(I AM AFRAID WE CANT GET ONE IN THE UK SPELLING MUM)  DAD, GRANDPARENTS, HUSBAND, SON, DAUGHTER  pop the choice in the comments and on a written note for me. 

This is sharp so please bear that in mind where to put it when you purchase, it would make a nice table centre piece or especially nice in a display case with overhead lighting to bring out the sparkle even more. 

MEDIUM - The base is 11x11cm the height is 13cm. If you would like a photo, please send two copies we will return unused. Please make sure the photo is no bigger than 8x8cm you can trim it down if needed or smaller. 

LARGE - You also have an option to have the large pyramid in this style which is 14x14cm the height is 16cm. 

Taking care of your keepsake, please wipe clean with a damp (not wet) cloth and keep it away from radiators and flame and preferably not in the direct sunlight. 

 This would make a beautiful thoughtful forever gift that can be in the family for generations to come. It really is one of the most special things on this website. please see the FAQ page for sending precious ashes we need 1-2 teaspoons only. 

The Pyramids have ashes in 3 layers, top, middle and base.