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Forever Pink - ocean heart with sparkling Swarovski crystals, shells and ashes

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Memorial art 

This beautiful little pink ocean heart with iron stand is 7.5" tall with stand, super smooth and glassy, it has real shells and Swarovski crystals. It is a totally unique keepsake to remember your loved one a unique design originated by Sentimental Keepsake. This Swarovski crystals really sparkle when the hit the light. your loved ones ashes will be scattered over the sand area and sealed forever with a clear top coat (smooth). 

This would also make a thoughtful gift and it is a keepsake that the whole family can have, a forever time piece that can be handed down the generations, it wont get lost of misplaced like jewellery will. 

For sending precious ashes we will send you out a bag and instructions, all that is needed is a small teaspoon. if you are in the UK,  if you are abroad please see the FAQ page on sending precious ashes. 

turn around time 2 weeks 

Made with LOVE.