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Lovely gemstone Ashes charm, Rhodonite is a beautiful stone with shades of dusky pinks beige and gray markings. It is said to aid emotional healing, self-love and inner growth and helps to balance emotions. The name Rhodonite came from the Greek word for "rose coloured" hence it's beautiful markings. 

Astrological sign; Taurus 

It will fit onto any charm bracelet and comes with solid silver core ends.

Lovely tribute to a loved one lost. Their precious ashes are carefully placed grain by grain by hand around the glass chips, they are then left to set for a few days before being polished and the core ends fitted. Turn around time is 2-4 weeks from when we receive Ashes. 

We also like to give our lovely customers a small free gift to say thank you for purchasing their keepsake with us. 


Price is for one hand-crafted bead - the bracelet is pictured for illustration only.