BLACK FRIDAY OFFERS START FROM 20/11/20 TO 27/11/20 Precious ashes jewellery - the breastmilk artist - lettter box gifts - precious art with cremains for a unique tribute and everlasting keepsake.
cremation ashes jewellery  and breastmilk jewellery - Sentimental Keepsake

SEE VIDEO - 12" x 12" x 1.5"- Teal, brown and gold, this can contain ashes of a loved one or breast milk dried and preserved. Alternatively non keepsake

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Geode art 


This stunning super sparkly resin geode art piece has a luxurious mix of white, teal, gold and chocolate brown and tons of glitter and many clear coats to give it depth It is 12" x 12" magnified in main image so you can see it larger so please take measurements, it can free stand or be wall mounted.. It has been made with resin so it has a tough glass like shiny wipe able surface. Just wipe with a damp cloth it shines beautifully. Art piece on wooden panel. In different lights and angles it takes on a slightly 3D appearance. 

Once purchased either loved ones ashes or dried crushed preserved breast milk will be scattered over the acrylic crystal part and sealed forever in this beautiful time piece that you can hand down the generations. This will no alter the look of the piece, the breast milk will be a good teaspoon full crushed to a fine powder and won't be so visible however we can do a quick video showing you it being placed in the art if you request it. With ashes they will be visible up close. 

All we need is a teaspoon of ashes for sending materials please see the FAQ page 

I personally love the concept of art keepsakes as they will never be lost or misplaced and will be with you always. 

Option - to add a glow at night which doesn't show in the day