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Shine bright in the sky - precious ashes pendant - glass - with sterling star. This pendant is only a 2 week turn around (colour option)

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Beautiful glass domed ashes (colour choice or clear) pendant setting and (8mm) cremation ashes cabochon with sweet little star in sterling silver. (see a star in the sky and think of your loved one shining the brightest and watching down on you). 

Comes with an 18" sterling silver chain. 

A lovely pendant to remember your loved one, remembering that your loved ones want to see you happy and thrive and make beautiful memories because they are always watching down on you.

We will send you out a form and bag with order number on after purchase if you are in the UK if you are abroad please see the FAQ page on sending precious ashes. 

Turn around time 2 weeks or sooner on this pendant from when we receive precious ashes

The personal message that we like you to know when purchasing is

 Remember your loved ones want you to find happiness and look down and see you thriving and remembering always those happy memories together, so let this keepsake, your keepsake remind you of this message every time you wear it and touch it, strength, courage, love AND happy memories. 

We also now do online courses if you would like to learn to make your own keepsakes or maybe a new career goal, please see letterbox gifts our online memorial jewellery making courses are now only £29.99