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Breastfeeding award ring from sentimental keepsake.



Breast milk jewellery

This stunning solid silver breast milk ring has a double 6mm cabochon setting, with a stunning silver grey Swarovski which could represent your 6 months breast feeding journey if you wish. Your precious breast milk cabochon is set into the other side. A perfect way to celebrate your breastfeeding journey Or to treat your partner with. Please FAQ page on how to send breast milk.  This ring is imported from the US so sizes we do are.

US size 5 = UK J 1/2,

US size 6 = UK L 1/2,

US size 7= UK N 1/2,

US size 8 = UK P 1/2,

US size 9 = UK S. 


please note these are very solid rings they don't have much give but if you are gentle you can squeeze them for half a size bigger or half a size smaller if you request this we will do it for you. Which is handy if you are in between sizes or are unsure. 

It also comes in a really cute little display box so it looks like it is floating in mid air.

Please make sure you give the correct ring size as we are unable to change it for you. 

Please make sure you remove rings while showering, washing up or using chemicals and follow the instructions on the care sheet. 

Please could you let us know when you order when you will be expecting to send your milk to us. When we receive we will contact you to let you know it has arrived safe. 



We also like to give our lovely customers a small free gift to say thank you for purchasing their keepsake with us. Please go to the free gift page and select. 

Turn around time for this ring is 4-5 weeks possibly sooner.