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Breast milk & cremation ashes jewellery 

A lovely tiger eye and breast milk or ashes bracelet with 8mm beads knotted on black nylon. The precious keepsake bead is breast milk capped with sterling silver for an alternative unique look. The precious ashes bead has aquamarine gemstone along with loved one's precious ashes. The closure has silver hematite beads. Easy to wear, unique and stylish. Also unisex. 

Tigers eye is a stunning stone known for its luminescent bands of gold and rich brown tones. It is said to be a stone of protection that is also stabilizing and grounding. Tigers eye dates back thousands of years, the beautiful quartz was carved into talismans by the Ancient Roman soldiers to protect them and give them courage. Tigers eye was not named because of its colour but for the character of the tiger with its courage, strength, and focus.

Can be worn smart or for a casual. 

Please remember to claim your free gift from the gift page also when you order this lovely bracelet. (we have matching earrings) And follow the breast milk sending guide on the FAQ page.