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breast milk jewellery

Breast milk jewellery

This lovely pendant/necklace is made from sterling silver with an 18-inch sterling silver chain. It has a 14mm x 8mm well for your precious breast milk. It also has a sparkling Swarovski crystal birthstone.  Alternatively, if you want to pick a crystal just because you like the colour then that's perfect too.  Milk is professionally chemically preserved in a safe environment using special equipment. Ensuring it will not go off or yellow. Please leave us a birth month in the comments box on a purchase.  (see video here, the video is a double birth month setting we also have pink and blue tinted milk and silver and gold leaf option. 

Your own breast milk is preserved, left to turn into stone then ground into a fine powder which we then mix with a tinted resin which is set inside the pendant base. 

Breast milk preservation for jewellery 

At Sentimental Keepsake we don't believe Mums should be kept in the dark about how their own breast milk is preserved. So we have provided our customers with this information about our tested preservation methods here.

On our free gift page, you will find an extra breast milk keepsake that you can add to the cart totally FREE. Especially nice if you wanted this for a gift or to give to your child when they are older. A lovely keepsake each. We offer this to let our customers know that we really appreciate them choosing sentimental keepsake. 

This would also make a lovely and thoughtful gift for a partner or family member and something for them to cherish long after baby grows up. 

Turn around time is 3-5 weeks from when we receive your milk. 

please send 15-20ml ONLY (30ml for multiple items) in a breast milk bag making sure all air is depressed and locked tightly, fold the bag in half and place inside 2 more breastmilk bags (we like to be secure, as this is precious to you) on the third bag please write your name and order number for us. Post in a padded jiffy bag, we ask that you send back your precious materials signed for but this is up to you, you can just secure with a large first class stamp. But as the posties can sometimes get it wrong you cant always rely on them Although 9 times out of ten they are pretty good, so I will leave that choice up to you. Address for sending will come up when you check out so, please make sure you jot it down.