BLACK FRIDAY OFFERS START FROM 20/11/20 TO 27/12/20 Precious ashes jewellery - the breastmilk artist - lettter box gifts - precious art with cremains for a unique tribute and everlasting keepsake. Christmas delivery ends 30th Nov orders after this date will be Jan 2021
cremation ashes jewellery  and breastmilk jewellery - Sentimental Keepsake

Sweet pink and lilac mini 10" x 10" keepsake geode art - breast milk or ashes - see video

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This super cute mini keepsake geode is a mini 10" x 10" PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU MEASURE UP as In some images i'ts magnified so you can see it in large on the wall, we can also do large commission pieces if requested. It is made with resin to give it a glassy mirror smooth finish, the sides are varnished wood, it has a mix of sweet pink, lilac white and gold. Lots of sparkly eye catching glitter. On wooden panel. Our art keepsakes are the most original keepsake that can be passed down the generations. A keepsake that wont get lost, misplaced or caught like jewellery can.

For precious ashes - we need a half to one teaspoon of ashes which will be scattered into the crystal part and sealed forever. 

For breast milk, this is preserved, dried and crushed it doesn't show as well in the art like ashes do so if you would like a short video of it going into the crystals then please pop that on a written note when sending your precious breast milk. 

For how to send Ashes or breast milk please see the FAQ page for all the details.