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thank you gifts

Thank you gift for a friend - drink and chocolate choice

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Thank you gift

Say a big thank you to that friend who has always been there and let them know you appreciate them, we all have those friends that support us through everything so it's nice to show them that you are thinking of them too.
The box is pink with pink tissue and a sweet little lid box that says thank you with a beautiful blossom tree on it.

So what's in the box?

1... A collagen lip mask

2...lemon bath bomb fizz heart

3... a chocolate choice

4 ... coconut oil burner sizzler granules (cleaner than wax melts no water needed) smell amazing

5...fresh linen oil burner sizzler - love the smell of clean washing

6... very vanilla oil burner sizzler - my personal fave.

7...pick n mix sweeties, who doesn't appreciate those at any age?

8... jazzy nail file chosen at random

9...friends are like stars quote card with 2 chocolate stars

10...tea with a card that reads - with a cup of tea in your hand anything is possible, we will enjoy one together SOON over a good catch up.

11... the best bit, your personal note in a cute little envelope because sometimes words say it all. As long as you like or as short and sweet as you like I will type it up for you with love.
Don't forget to add your name and make sure the shipping address is your friends. I will email or text you when you order for your note.