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cremation jewellery

Tiny tears SPARKLY SMOKED GREY -(resin) beautiful tiny precious ashes drop

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Cremation jewellery

Beautiful little petite drop in smoked grey glitter and sterling silver 9mm base. 

It would be an absolute honour for me to make this for you in remembrance of your loved one or loved fur baby. And although they are called tiny tears please remember your loved ones want you to find happiness and look down and see you thriving and remembering always those happy memories together, so let this pendant, your pendant remind you of this message every time you wear it and touch it, strength, courage, love AND happy memories. 


loved ones ashes are placed lovingly grain by grain into these petite little pendants and sealed forever with uv stabilised jewellers resin giving them a smooth clear top coat. 

 To see how to send your loved ones precious ashes please see the FAQ page. We do not send out kits as this delays the process and kits only contain what you have at home and people prefer to get their precious ashes keepsakes made sooner without delay. 

Turn around time 3 - 4 weeks from when we receive precious ashes

We are also the first company offering e-classes learning to make cremation jewellery please feel free to take a look if this interests you. HERE 

 IMPORTANT; how to care for jewellery 

Things to avoid, remove your jewellery when doing the following. 

  • using sunbeds 
  • washing up (rings) & using cleaning chemicals. 
  • showering/bathing
  • take off when in harsh UV rays
  • putting on lotions
  • putting on perfume
  • spraying your hair
  • swimming
  • cooking with ingredients that contain sulphur 
  • fake tanning products


Sterling silver and resin do not like humid wet conditions. Oxidation is caused when oxygen comes into contact with sterling silver (tarnish), to prevent this, store your jewellery in a little box, in an area with low humidity. With all sterling silver, unless it is rhodium plated which is costly, tarnish can occur if not looked after. Use a silver polishing cloth Keep your jewellery dry but do not use the polishing cloth on the actual ashes cabochon.