Plain colour ashes hair or fur heart in a display stand (only available with the purchase of a jewellery item)

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Lovely ashes bedside heart in a display stand with a colour choice. 

I have two by my bedside one with ashes and one with fur. I am not much of a jewellery wearer and forget to put it on so these are perfect for me. 

They also make a nice little gift for another family member. 

We now only do these with the purchase of a jewellery item of which you can order just one or as many as you like. 

 The heart measures 5 x 4 cm, the square part of the stand 7 x 7 cm and standing overall measures 10 cm. 

The heart is solid polymer resin mix smooth to the touch. The stand is lightweight plastic with memory membrane. 

For how to send precious ashes please go to our FAQ page.