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Unique cz  Breast milk pendant. (glass domed)
Unique cz  Breast milk pendant. (glass domed)

Unique cz Breast milk pendant. (glass domed)

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Stunning sterling silver pendant sparkling cz stone surround. FREE 18" sterling silver chain. 

This pendant is unique in that your breast milk fragments can very much be seen against a colour background of your choice, And with the added bonus it has a tough glass dome. 

When ordering I require 10ml of precious breast milk and will send you a tube to post back to us as soon as you place your order. When received I will then set to work and make your precious keepsake for you. 

I also do breast milk jewellery making courses online and have many course members now running successful businesses that I can forward you to if you require something else that I don't make. 

I am also bringing back art that I was seen in the SUN newspaper