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Everlasting tree of life ashes pendant - colour choice

Everlasting tree of life ashes pendant - colour choice

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The Everlasting tree of life, this tree built strong roots and a strong foundation, an immortal tree that cast seeds that carry it's essence on forever. 

The precious ashes necklace is approx. 20mm sterling silver and very unique. 

Sterling free 18" chain. 

 I would be honoured to make this for you in remembrance of your loved one.


 When you order we will send you out a kit and form if you are in the UK if abroad please see the FAQ page on how to send precious ashes. 

 The personal message that we like you to know when purchasing is

 Remember your loved ones want you to find happiness and look down and see you thriving and remembering always those happy memories together, so let this keepsake, your keepsake remind you of this message every time you wear it and touch it, strength, courage, love AND happy memories.