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SK Everlasting tree of life ashes pendant 2-3 weeks
SK Everlasting tree of life ashes pendant 2-3 weeks

SK Everlasting tree of life ashes pendant 2-3 weeks

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Turnaround time from when we receive precious ashes 2-3 weeks 

Introducing the enchanting "Everlasting Tree of Life" necklace, a profound embodiment of resilience and enduring vitality. Meticulously handcrafted from premium sterling silver, this exquisite piece showcases an intricate tree design, symbolizing profound roots and unwavering strength. Radiating timelessness and immortality, it carries forward its essence through the ethereal seeds it scatters. With a delicate size of approximately 20mm, it gracefully adorns the neck, accompanied by an 18" sterling silver chain. Immerse yourself in its extraordinary charm, as this extraordinary necklace becomes a cherished tribute to honor and preserve the memory of your beloved.

With each wear, we hope this pendant instills in you a sense of strength, courage, love, and cherished memories. Our aim is to remind you that your loved ones desire your happiness and prosperity, even in their absence. It is our privilege to create this precious keepsake for you, and we genuinely hope it brings you solace and tranquility.


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