The Number one supplier of Breast milk and gemstone energy bracelets, A new on-trend style created by Sentimental Keepsake this collection is what identifies our brand. We make all your keepsakes with love and respect. We warmly welcome you to our store.

Breast Milk jewellery at sentimental keepsake is lovingly made with your breast milk, our brand focus is on style and on-trend designs unique to us. our precious Ashes collections are made with love and respect and are affordable for all.

We do what we LOVE. With LOVE.

A warm welcome to sentimental keepsake

Where we do what we LOVE and we LOVE what we do.  A fresh new era for DNA Artistry. 

Providing our lovely customers with special original designed keepsakes to cherish and hold close. Precious little mementos of your loved ones past and present.

We solidify and preserve breast milk, cremation ashes, placenta, umbilical cord, hair, fur, material or sand into collections that are elegant, stylish with fashion forward thinking and current on-trend style. These unique styles are what identify the Sentimental Keepsake brand. We have worked on keepsakes for a number of years using special techniques and artistry skills to bring you something truly treasured, personal and different.

Each person has their own personal story of why they choose to have a keepsake made, be it a memorial tribute piece to feel closer to a loved one lost. A breast milk memento of a precious time and journey you spent bonding with your baby. Or a precious lock of fur from a forever friend, whatever the beautiful story may be, we feel honored to play a part in that story. With complete empathy, understanding, and love we will create for you something truly unique and special. 

Breast Milk Jewellery keepsake

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Elegant Breast milk keepsakes

At Sentimental Keepsake we hope you will love this little collection of breast milk keepsakes, we take pride in the pieces not only being a precious memory and a keepsake but also a brand known for it's subtle elegant and aesthetically pleasing style. A forever memento of that time shared together. A forever bond between mother and child. Popular with new Mums and Mums who are coming to the end of their breastfeeding journey. A precious memento to keep as a forever reminder of those cherished months. 


Cremation Ash Tribute Jewellery

All our memorial jewellery is made with love and respect for your loved one's ashes. We know first hand the pain of losing loved ones. So we treat our customers with love and care. The Loved ones Ashes are carefully cast into a sterling silver jewellery item of your choice and solidified in jewellers grade resin which is shiny and smooth to the touch. Putting a modern twist on Cremation jewellery. Our prices start at just £20, as this is a time in your life we know is hard enough. So our keepsakes are affordable for all. MORE TO BE ADDED SOON. 


Our Blog

I decided to add a blog for two reasons. So I can let my customers into a little part of my life, and hopefully put their mind at ease when sending precious materials to me. Also because my other  passion is building people up. So I wanted a blog that was not all based around selling but based upon helping people realise just how special life can be, learn to LOVE themselves and know that each and everyone is a special person with a lot to offer no matter what their circumstances or background. My blog is called .. How I became a breastmilk artist.. It is about my journey from being a person with no direction or purpose and the steps I have taken and things I have learnt along the way, to get me to where I am today. Blogs will include topics such as, limiting beliefs, mastering emotions, how to get inspired etc.. along with the odd product blog. 


Brand new, Bracelet restring option

We are the first to offer a unique new service for ladies that like to change their style up from time to time. (in my case being a woman that's all the time haha)  You can now opt to change your breast milk bracelet beads to either suit your new style or keep up with the season colour trends. Usually I personally go for colours that match most of my wardrobe. 

Breast milk jewellery uk

On-trend collection of Breast milk energy bracelets, exclusive to Sentimental Keepsake. This collection is what Identifies our unique brand

Gift Packaging

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Our beloved doggie broke our hearts last August when he was suddenly ripped from our lives. Our pain is still too raw at the moment, but once I can face is it I will be commissioning a piece using some of his ashes for my husband. I know that whatever we finally decide on our request will be handled with empathy and made with love.

Debbie Larner

Beautiful jewellery pieces, made with respect and love.
I thoroughly recommend these items as a beautiful tribute to loved ones

Thank you
(I wear one of my pieces every day!)❤️

Geraldine Mary Mills

This lovely lady is amazing at what she produces. I have had a couple of beads from Sentimental keepsakes. The first pandora bead I ordered contained my then 20 yr old cats fur. I am so glad I ordered the bead as my beautiful baby passed away very suddenly in November, he is now with me every single day on my bracelet. After receiving that beautiful bead, I decided to ask for something a bit quirkier! I asked to have each of my boys first tooth and lock of hair encased in a pandora style bead (yes I know not everyone's cup of tea!). Sentimental keepsakes were so sensitive and helpful. It resulted in 2 very unique beads each in my boys favourite colour! I will be ordering more in the imminent future. Everything is handles with such delicacy and love and ultimately respect. Any material remaining is loving returned. Thanks xxx

Kirstey Chesterman

This lady is absolutely beautiful and talented. Her items are first class, made with love and care. Please take a look at her wonderful keepsakes, you won't be disappointed with your purchase.... it's quality. I love, love, love mine ❤️💜❤️

Gill Boakes

This lady is outstanding...I lost my mum suddenly on December 14th and by her funeral on January 14th I had my mums hair forever in a pandora style bead... not long after I was able to send ashes to Deb and received the most amazing ash remembrance jewellery.... I have just placed an order for some of the new items and I can not wait for the results.... ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating and wonderful person. Now to save for my butterfly ash painting in beautiful turquoises to go in our kitchen as these are so so perfect!

Becci Lane-Johnson

Sentimental keepsakes personal development blog. Posts that aim to help you gain emotional mastery in order for you to live an inspired life, set your own goals and dream big

My T.E.A.R system

My T.E.A.R system

opinions only have power over you, if you agree with them... 
Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

I want to use this blog to inspire you by giving away my tips and life lessons that have got me to where I am today. And say "to hell with my circumstances, I can dream big and create my own life too".