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A warm welcome to Sentimental Keepsake cremation jewellery, art with cremation ashes and breast milk jewellery.


A loving place where we treasure your memories as much as you do. Every piece that we make tells i'ts own little story of courage, love, strength and family bonds.

we specialise in cremation jewellery. We now also have art with cremation ashes which the whole family can seek comfort in, with art customers who don't wear jewellery or fear it getting lost, this is a breathtaking alternative. Truly a forever piece. Also preserved breast milk jewellery, every piece made is made with love, hugs and understanding.  For information about who we are and our values please see the "about us" page and for all sending information please go to the "FAQ" page, to view our lovely customers feedback please go to the "feedback" page. We have one of the largest selections online here in the UK for style and choice in cremation keepsakes, from loved ones ashes to loved pet ashes so we hope you find Something perfect to honour your loved ones. 

What sets us apart is our unique styles and that we add video to many products. We now also do art work with precious ashes as it is nice to have something for the whole family and unlike jewellery art is never going to get misplaced or lost, it is forever. 

Art with cremation ashes OR breastmilk - illuminated geode

Our values


I started designing keepsakes with ashes hair and fur many years ago now. I myself wanted a piece of jewellery to pay tribute to my loved one. At that time it was impossible for me to have one due to my financial situation, so I got started designing my own affordable range. I know what a hard time emotionally and financially that loosing a loved one can be which is why I price these keepsakes so affordably. I also like to give the gift of an extra keepsake by way of my free gift for you page, so please feel free to check out a free gift also with your purchase. It is also my belief that love ones never truly leave, they find peace but still watch over us everyday, wanting the best for us. 

I have had many chats with some lovely customers over the years, we are not a business who forgets people after keepsakes are made, we don't always have time to email to see how you are doing, but please feel free to drop a text or email whenever you like and we will reply. 

I also have a blog called the keepsake diaries I included my own personal story please feel free to read.

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A few of the awards we have won since we have been in business <3 

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