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Breast Milk Jewellery

Breastmilk jewellery

At Sentimental Keepsake, I hope you will love this little breast milk jewellery collection, I take pride in the pieces not only being a precious memory and a keepsake but also a brand known for it's subtle elegant and aesthetically pleasing style. This is a handcrafted and personal service where you will deal with one person from start to finish and your precious breastmilk is only handled by me and I am a Mum myself to two daughters. 

I have a number of years specialising and preserving Mums milk now. It is such a fascinating process. 

Breast milk preservation for jewellery 

At Sentimental Keepsake I don't believe you Mums should be kept in the dark about how your own breast milk is preserved. So I have provided my lovely Mums and Dads with this information about my tested preservation methods here.

Please could you let us know when you order when you will be expecting to send your milk to us if it is going to be longer than 2 weeks. Thank you <3. 

Turn around time is 3 to 5 weeks depending on base chosen and orders I have in already. 

 Full sending guide on our FAQ page. 





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