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Memorial Ashes charm beads

Ashes Charm  Beads

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                      Discover our enchanting collection of sterling silver cremation ashes charm beads, each piece uniquely crafted to celebrate your cherished bonds. Our beads aren't just keepsakes; they're guardians of your most treasured moments.

Our 925 sterling silver charms, many with a special anti-tarnish coating, (with exception of the SK halo round and SK halo heart, these just need a cleaning cloth from time to time if they are not being worn)  ensure lasting beauty. They fit perfectly with your Pandora charm bracelet, adding elegance without bulk.

Choose from a spectrum of resin colours or our stunning new AAA Bello opal. Each hue reflects your unique journey.

I'm Debbie, and I understand the pain of loss. I will personally handle your loved one's ashes, creating a special, heartfelt token of love and remembrance.

Join me on this heartfelt journey, where every charm tells a tale of love and every moment is cherished for eternity. Let us create something beautiful together.

Please note - our charm bead selection is in demand so some charms have a longer wait, please see each charm for processing times, some are 2 weeks some may be 4-6 weeks, we kindly than you for your patience.