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SALE - Memorial Jewellery with Cremation Ashes

Remembrance jewellery

Please see individual products for processing times

All jewellery is sterling silver and pendants come with an 18" chain - if you would like another length please feel free to request this

Order between the 22nd and 26th May and I will gift one charm FREE ... footprints on my heart, heart of the ocean, Mum angel wings or Dad charm. This is gifted with love from us with a purchase of jewellery, no need to add it to the cart just pop your choice on the order form. 

Welcome to our compassionate collection of carefully crafted memorial jewellery, where every piece serves as a tender tribute to the treasured memories of your loved ones and furry companions.

I'm Debbie, and it's truly an honour for me to accompany you on this heartfelt journey. With years of devoted experience, I deeply understand the profound importance of preserving these precious connections. You can rest assured that your loved one's ashes will be treated with the utmost love and respect while in my care. Let  me create something truly sentimental for you and your loved ones, all at a price guided by my morals and a commitment to affordability during challenging times, I have felt the pain off loss and I understand what you are going through. 

In addition to ashes, I offer the option to incorporate hair or fur into our designs, just simply add fur or hair into your kit instead of ashes. 

Our colour charts serve as a guiding light, acknowledging the individuality of each set of ashes. Furthermore, our exquisite Bello opal colours provide a breathtaking array of hues, infusing your keepsake with a radiant glow that dances with the changing light.

Upon placing your order, you'll receive a comprehensive collection kit and form, allowing you to express any specific preferences or requests. This ensures that your memorial piece is as unique as the cherished memories it represents.

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