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The Ash artist

Memorial ashes in resin art 


If you worry about jewellery getting lost or damaged then this is a perfect alternative, Simply stunning I am sure our customers that have had an art piece will agree. 

The resin geode style that we do is super sparkly with lots of layers and depth, a smooth mirror-like finish. I personally adore these and the creation of them. That little twinkle that catches your eye when you walk past, is such a beautiful presence. 

The rounds we have are on stands so you can keep them by the bedside or in the front room for all to adore and seek comfort in. They are a true presence in your home. 

Ashes are scattered within the art but they don't change the look of the piece and can be visibly seen when up close. 

There is nothing as yet in the keepsake market like them, each piece takes a few days to make then an extra day adding your loved one's precious ashes of which we only require a small teaspoon and will return any unused for you. 

At the moment these are on an introductory price and each piece is totally unique with no two being exactly the same. 

I just know you will fall in love with these as I have and treasure them for generations to come. 

Past lovely customers have been so heart-warmed by these and we are the first company in the UK to create the ashes geode just for you. 

To clean simply wipe over with a microfiber cloth.