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colour charts (see video)

"Welcome to our informative guide on selecting the perfect colours for your cherished resin keepsake creations. Our exquisite resin collection showcases an array of translucent hues. The choice of colour can often be influenced by the unique characteristics of the ashes themselves. For instance, we often opt for coarse, white grains as the foundation for our jewellery pieces. However, some ashes possess an exquisite, super-fine, and dark quality. In such cases, we delicately layer them on top of a chosen base colour and apply a crystal-clear topcoat. This careful process ensures that the resin maintains its true colours, preventing any undesirable browning or darkening of the resin (charm beads we do as normal) 

It's important to note that the vibrancy of certain colours may vary depending on the colour of the ashes. Additionally, exceptionally fine ashes may not display as prominently as coarser grains especially in black.

Our bright red has now changed to a ruby red as it is a more favourable colour. 

For instance, our pearl white pieces radiate with elegance and purity. To achieve the most aesthetically pleasing result, we recommend that customers choose white ashes for this specific colour option.

We now also have the beautiful AAA grade Bello opal chips which have a beautiful multi shimmer and multi tone which we only charge an extra £3 for. These are super stunning in the jewellery with the precious ashes and are a new addition to our collection. With the Bello opal ashes are the most visible please note some colours may be a little lighter or darker depending on the light as photographing pieces is difficult due to the multi tones that illuminate different colours along with the chosen colour, what I can promise is all the colours are super stunning and my preferred choice over translucent tints ... The peacock blue and ocean blue are very similar. 

Please contact me via text if there is a colour you would like that is not listed and I shall do my best to accommodate your request, I also have glitters in contrasting colours that I can also add if you wish. 

colours can be a little lighter or darker depending on ashes 

Black the ashes are not as visible in translucent resin tints. 

 To see what the bello opal looks like please see the video here 

The glass bonded jewellery has the colour charts in images on the product descriptions, we can't do Bello opal or translucent tints in these pieces they are mica colours only.  

You can also opt for the ashes as not visible, if you would like that option please pop it on the order form. 

Translucent colour pallets


NEW - AAA grade crushed bello opal, Shimmers different colours depending on lighting conditions and angle of the light.Only £3 extra to add.