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Cost of living crisis - morals quality and pricing

 Thank you for considering us for your memorial jewellery needs. We deeply understand the importance of these items in providing comfort and support during difficult and emotional times. Our mission is to offer affordable options to ensure that everyone can have a meaningful and special way to remember their loved ones. We approach our work with love and empathy, as we have personally experienced the loss of parents and cherished pets.

While our prices may seem unbelievably good, we assure you that our memorial jewellery is crafted with the same high-quality silver as any other reputable jeweler. We keep our prices affordable by minimising our profit margins, focusing on the value of preserving your loved one's precious ashes and making this process easier for you during this challenging time.

In addition to competitive pricing, we frequently run promotions and offer discounts, including enticing offers like buy one get one free. Our commitment is to deliver the best value to our customers, ensuring that your memorial jewellery is accessible and within reach for all who would like a piece. 

We understand that grief is a deeply personal journey that unfolds at its own pace be it a loved one or loved fur baby. There are no fixed timelines, and we encourage you to be kind to yourself throughout this process. If you ever need support, whether or not you choose to purchase memorial jewellery from us, we are always here to lend an empathetic ear should you need someone to reach out to, there are also organisations such as the Samaritans which are a comfort to many.  Our intention is to provide understanding and compassion because we truly comprehend the emotions you are struggling with.

Our art pieces, while slightly more expensive due to the intricate materials and time invested in their creation, are an investment in a treasured keepsake that will endure a lifetime. Rest assured, we handle your loved one's ashes with the utmost care and respect, as we operate this business independently.

To further assist our customers, we also offer convenient installment payment options through Klarna Pay, making it easier for you to afford the memorial items you need.

Thank you for choosing us. We are dedicated to providing thoughtful and caring service to each and every one of our customers.

Warm wishes,

Debbie xxx

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