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Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I send ashes and how much do you need? 

If you are residing in the UK, after you place an order we will gladly send you our exclusive ashes collection kit within 3 working days which you can conveniently use to return the ashes to us. We only require a small teaspoon of precious ashes as most pieces only use a pinch and any unused will be sent home with your finished keepsake. We choose the whitest of grains for your keepsakes to ensure the resin colour remains bright, darker powdery grains will make the tint darker but still be as beautiful and precious so don't worry. 

Why don't you send collection kits out before I order? and do you have a brochure? 

"In order to ensure a smooth and efficient process for our valued customers, we provide a unique customer identification system. Each customer is assigned a personalized number starting with SK... at the time of their order, which remains with them throughout the entire process. This meticulous approach guarantees that there are no mix-ups or errors in fulfilling their requests.

To maintain cost-effectiveness and prioritize affordability for our customers, we have opted not to offer physical brochures. Instead, we have an extensive online presence where all our products and detailed descriptions can be found. By leveraging the power of the internet, we can provide our customers with easy access to information without having to raise the prices of our exquisite jewellery. This allows us to deliver the best value and convenience to our cherished clientele."

Do you ship abroad? 

We offer worldwide shipping for your convenience. To ensure a smooth delivery process, we kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with the import and export regulations concerning ashes in your country. For your peace of mind, we recommend sending the ashes directly via a fully tracked and traced shipping method. Please note that we do not send out kits internationally. Once you have placed an order and obtained an order number, please contact us via text, and our team will provide you with personalised guidance on packaging your precious loved one's ashes.

How do you post home my keepsakes and why is there a £3.00 postage fee?

We understand the value of your precious keepsakes, which is why we take great care in delivering them to your doorstep. Through our partnership with Royal Mail, we offer fast and reliable tracked and traced next day delivery services exclusively for our valued UK customers. To maintain the affordability of our keepsakes, we kindly request a nominal return fee. We believe this approach is fair and transparent, especially when compared to other companies that charge exorbitant prices for similar keepsakes. Thank you for your understanding and for choosing our company.we now have half price special next day delivery tracked royal mail UK when returning your keepsakes 

Can I combine the ashes of more than one loved one in a piece of jewellery or art? and can I add a little fur or hair? 

Most certainly that is no problem. 

 Can I have hair or fur instead? if so how do I send Hair or fur;

Please kindly provide a small, lock of hair measuring approximately 2 cm in length, ensuring it is free from any hairsprays or gels, as these substances may alter the resin's colour. It would be greatly appreciated if you could keep the strands as closely grouped and neat as possible, as it facilitates our work. If feasible, please secure the lock with string rather than tape. Matted or tangled hair does not lend itself well to an aesthetically pleasing outcome and poses challenges for us during the process. However, in exceptional circumstances where hair or fur is all that you can provide, we will exert our utmost efforts to accommodate your request (please refrain from sending the entire amount if you cannot acquire more). Please place the hair fur sandwiched between a piece of kitchen roll as bags become static, please then place into a small bag. 

Please note fluffy hair fur that is white may become translucent in resin and not easy to see but it will be there, coarser hair will show more prominently. 


What if my jewellery gets damaged ?

We take great care in thoroughly inspecting every item before it leaves our premises. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer a 1 year remake guarantee. If you encounter any issues, please kindly return the item to us for a thorough inspection.

Please note that we cannot replace or repair items that have been damaged by exposure to water or sunlight if clear signs of such damage are present, indicating a deviation from the provided care sheet. We ensure that a care sheet accompanies every order to guide you in maintaining the jewellery's quality. (Please refer to the "Taking Care of Jewellery" section below.) 

However, if the issue is related to the base or any other non-weather-related factors, please accept our sincerest apologies. In such cases, we are more than willing to repair or replace the item for you without any hesitation. 

 IMPORTANT; how to care for jewellery  

(please note this does not apply to the ashes into silver pieces, these have no rules other than it is better to wear them without removing and if tarnish occurs use a polishing cloth and store in an airtight bag) 

Things to avoid, remove your resin or glass jewellery when doing the following

(fine silver collection excluded ie Hugos heart or circle of love collection) 

  • using sunbeds 
  • in the sun 
  • washing up (rings) & using cleaning chemicals. 
  • showering/bathing
  • take off when in harsh UV rays 
  • putting on lotions
  • putting on perfume
  • spraying your hair
  • swimming
  • cooking with ingredients that contain sulphur 
  • fake tanning products


Sterling silver and resin do not like humid wet conditions. Oxidation is caused when oxygen comes into contact with sterling silver (tarnish), to prevent this, store your jewellery in a little airtight bag in an area with low humidity. With all sterling silver, unless it is rhodium plated which is costly, tarnish can occur if not looked after. Use a silver polishing cloth Keep your jewellery dry but do not use the polishing cloth on the actual resin ashes cabochon.