Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 ... We are still operating as normal,  We also send made ashes keepsakes to you special next day delivery  - royal mail are doing their best at this time but can not promise it will be next day at the moment - possibly or a few days later.

 For the UK sending precious ashes please see the sending guide  we also have full listings online so we don't have a brochure

 We are fine for you to send in your own time it's no problem at all, but please just drop us a text or email with a rough time frame, if you are not sending precious materials straight away it would be much appreciated

How do we post home keepsakes?

we now have completely FREE special next day delivery tracked royal mail UK when returning your keepsakes 


See caring for jewellery further down. 

 Breast milk sending;

please send 15ml for one item or for two pieces 20-30ml ONLY, in a breast milk bag making sure all air is depressed and locked tightly, fold the bag in half and place inside 2 more breast milk bags (we like to be secure, as this is precious to you and we have often have milk leak into the second bag but never usually the 3rd we understand breast milk bags can be expensive so if you wanted to place your milk in one bag then the other two bags can be air tight thick freezer/sandwich bags) on each bag please write your name and order number for us. Post in a padded jiffy envelope, we ask that you send back your precious materials signed for but this is up to you, you can just secure with a large first class stamp. But as the posties can sometimes get it wrong you cant always rely on them Although 9 times out of ten they are pretty good, so I will leave that choice up to you.

When you go to post item please mark as "jewellery making items" to avoid having to explain unless you are posting with a large first class stamp or two. We prefer customers to send signed for then you can also track and see. 

 we now have completely FREE first class tracked signed royal mail postage when sending you your precious keepsake home.

Please send to Deborah Towers @ SK

flat 4, Brunel court,

Ridsdale Road

Anerley, London, SE208AD. 



 How are you preserving my breast milk? 

At Breast milk art and jewellery your own liquid gold is professionally preserved with no extras added to see how visit here 


Hair or fur;

Please send a small clean lock (free from hairsprays or gel as these could alter the colour of the resin) approximately 2 cm and a good pinch, please keep strands as together and neat as possible as it is easier for me to work with and if possible secure with string (no tape). Matted or tangled will not give a very pleasing aesthetic appearance and is hard for us to work with. However in special circumstances, if the hair or fur is all you have I will do my very best for you (please do not send the entire amount you have if you can't get any more.) Place the lock in a small clear bag or neatly folded in kitchen roll or tin foil. put the bag in an envelope marked with order number, name and address written clearly. Then place the envelope in a small padded envelope and post to Flat 4 Brunel Court, Ridsdale Road, Anerley, London SE208AD. 

please also note white or blonde fine hair can become translucent and may not be as visible as coarse hair. 


How long will my order take?

Please bear in mind that I work alone and how long your piece will take varies due to many factors. How many orders are in front of you, if I have in stock your desired base or I need to order from the manufacturer who can take up to 6 weeks to deliver as some are based in the USA etc, we do not buy bases in bulk as we are only a small business.. So If I have the base in I would guesstimate 3 weeks possibly sooner if not then up to 6 weeks or sooner. If you want something in a hurry we suggest the filigree pendants or charm beads. 

Can you make custom orders? or if I have seen a design from another ashes provider can you make the same? 

We don't do custom designs but you can have certain colours just send me a text or email before you place your orders.

All Memorial designers have their own beautiful unique style of which they are proud of and worked hard for, so the answer to that question is a no I'm afraid, I can not recreate a piece you have seen somewhere else. However since our website has been up we have seen similar items we make being made for a much higher cost which is upsetting to us. As i started this business to bring people more affordable jewellery. 

Remakes and exchanges 

If I have purchased and don't want to go ahead can I get a refund? yes I can refund within 48 hours after the 48 hours we will refund minus 10% due to the fact we will have purchased your silver and admin fees.  

Or if my item is damaged? we inspect items carefully before they are sent out, we have a six month remake guarantee, so please send back to me for inspection, we will not replace, or repair if the item is water damaged which has obvious signs or damage resulting in the care sheet not being followed, we pop a care sheet in with every order.  (please see taking care of jewellery further down)  But if the problem is with the base etc, then sincerest apologies we have no problem in making a repair or replacing for you. 

Do you have a brochure?

We are a small family business so we do not have brochures to send out, all our products are listed on here and fully detailed. 



                                   IMPORTANT; how to care for jewellery 

Things to avoid, remove your jewellery when doing the following. 

  • using sunbeds 
  • washing up (rings) & using cleaning chemicals. 
  • showering/bathing
  • take off when in harsh UV rays
  • putting on lotions
  • putting on perfume
  • spraying your hair
  • swimming
  • cooking with ingredients that contain sulphur 
  • fake tanning products


Sterling silver and resin do not like humid wet conditions. Oxidation is caused when oxygen comes into contact with sterling silver (tarnish), to prevent this, store your jewellery in a little box, in an area with low humidity. With all sterling silver, unless it is rhodium plated which is costly, tarnish can occur if not looked after. Use a silver polishing cloth Keep your jewellery dry but do not use the polishing cloth on the actual ashes cabochon.