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Breast milk jewellery from Sentimental keepsake

Breast milk keepsake jewellery  Breast milk jewellery is a beautiful and sentimental way for mothers to keep a piece of their breastfeeding journey close to their hearts. Not only is breast milk jewellery a unique and one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, it is also made with the utmost love and care. Each piece is handcrafted using the mother's own breast milk, making it a truly special and personal item. Wearing breast milk jewellery can serve as a constant reminder of the strong bond between a mother and her child, as well as the love and dedication that goes into breastfeeding. It can be a comforting and uplifting symbol of the incredible love and strength of a mother. In addition to being...

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Materials used in the creation of memorial ashes jewellery

Resin, glass or silver memorial jewellery  Resin memorial ashes jewellery, also known as cremation or ash jewellery, is a type of jewelry that is designed to hold a small amount of the ashes of a loved one who has passed away. It is typically made of resin, a synthetic material that is known for its versatility. The concept of creating jewellery to hold the ashes of loved ones is not a new one, and there are many different stories and traditions surrounding the creation of this type of jewellery. However, the specific process of creating resin memorial ashes jewellery is a relatively modern development.   In addition to resin memorial ashes jewellery, there is also a type of jewellery known...

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7 stages of grief - coping with loss

Here are the 7 stages of grief explained  Grief is a natural response to loss. It’s a powerful emotion that can be overwhelming and difficult to understand. While everyone experiences grief differently, there are 7 stages of grief that are commonly recognized: shock and denial, pain and guilt, anger and bargaining, depression, the upward turn, reconstruction and working through, and acceptance and hope. Shock and denial: When we first experience a loss, it can be hard to believe that it’s really happened. We may feel numb, or in a state of shock, and try to deny that the loss has occurred. This is a normal and natural response to grief, and it helps us to cope with the overwhelming emotions...

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