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Grief Share

🌟 EMBRACING GRIEF WITH LOVE 🌟Emotional post.....
Today, I come to you with a heart full of emotions, hoping my words can offer comfort to anyone who might need it. Grief, my friends, it's a journey. It doesn't come with a map or a schedule; it takes as long as it takes. So, let's promise each other to be gentle, to ourselves and to others.
In those moments when grief wraps around us like a heavy blanket, let's not seek the company of those who would question our healing process and be tired of listening. Instead, be around those people who understand, who listen without judgment, who hold our hands through the darkest nights. We all have that special someone, [tag your loved one or comment their name], whose kindness and empathy have been your guiding light.
I've known grief, losing my Mum to cancer and my Dad to the shadows of his own mind. But perhaps my deepest sorrow came with the loss of my furry companions. To those who've felt that unique ache, I see you, I understand.
Yet, as time tiptoes by, I've found comfort in remembering the joy they brought, instead of the pain of their absence. Life, well, it's a journey, isn't it? Here I am, almost 50 OMG (yes, I said it!), and I'm not exactly where I thought I'd be. But you know what? That's okay.
Because in the midst of it all, I've been blessed with treasures that money can't buy. I've learned to cherish the moments, the small victories, the quiet joys. And yes, I have my down weeks, just like everyone else. And thats okay, but sometimes those down weeks bring about the pain of loss all over again, even if the down week has nothing to do with the loss. Who identifies?
But in those moments when the weight of loss feels unbearable, I remind myself of something important: my loved ones who've passed, they want me to find happiness. They want to see me smile, to thrive, to live fully, they wouldn't want to be the reason for my sadness.
So, let's keep moving forward my darlings one step at a time. Let's hold onto the memories, the love, the laughter. And let's honour those we've lost by embracing life with open arms, knowing that they're smiling down on us, cheering us on every step of the way. 🌟💖
Much love to you all

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