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Hugo's legacy, prezzies for friends and the rainbow bridge box.

The rainbow bridge gift box 

Prezzies for friends started in 2020 the year life changed for us all. It all started with the passing of my forever friend Hugo on the 4/06/20. Hugo was a chorkie, half chihuahua half yorkie a tiny little man with a big personality who lived to the ripe old age of 15 a few months off his 16th birthday that sadly he didn't reach. 

I always promised Hugo that I would be there when he took his last breath, with covid looming over everyone I had heard so many heart breaking stories of how vets wouldn't allow people in at the end of a pets life. I feared this more than anything, I was one of the lucky ones, although I don't think lucky is the right word really. But Hugo passed at home in my arms and I was there at that last breath like I always promised him I would be. 

If you are reading this and not particularity a pet lover you may not understand, but the human side of you may. For many or most of us that lose pets sometimes those pets were everything, our rock, our little furry who kept all our secrets, knew when we were happy and knew when we needed a cuddle. Hugo was that for me. We grew older together and had been through so much. 

One of my friends bought me Hugo when my Mum passed away and we were joint at the hip for 15 years, I had feared the day of his passing as I watched him grow older and tired and I guess I was preparing myself. I would like to say it gets easier but a few months on for me the grief seems to be worse the longer i'm parted from him. 

There was however one poem that gave me a little hope and comfort that one day I shall see my best friend again and that poem was the rainbow bridge. 

So Hugo's legacy lived on and the rainbow bridge box was designed. It is a little box with a few little treats, the poem and a matching key ring. I thought if through these boxes this poem will comfort another then it was something I had to do. Because this heartbreak feeling is like nothing iv'e ever experienced. I lost my adopted mum to cancer and my adopted dad who took his own life, I loved them very much but I wasn't as close with them, I spent much of my life growing up in children's homes so for me furry family were better than humans lol, I feel a lot of you will understand that. 

So I hope this box finds and comforts many a pet loss survivor and for the people sending them bless your heart it will mean more than you know. 

These boxes are sent out with love and understanding, each time I send one and I read the little note the giver wants posted a little of my heart goes with it because I know and feel the pain, having said that it also makes me feel that I am doing a little good in some small way and the legacy of Hugo lives on and comforts others. 

Prezzies for friends started with the Rainbow bridge box and now I have expanded to many other little boxes that I hope will spread a little happiness whatever the reason <3 

I also run a gift the giver competition at the end day of every month where I put all customers from that month into a draw and I gift a giver a surprise box should they win. This is something I like to do to show my own kindness and appreciation which is why I started this business ... much love. xxx

Much love to you all senders and receivers. 

Be kind to one another always 


prezzies for friends



  • Sentimental keepsake

    aww thank you sweet lady always for you too 😘 xxxx

  • Gillyb

    What beautiful words… I wish I could take your pain away. I’m always there for you and always thinking of you ❤️ Xxx

  • Gillyb

    What beautiful words… I wish I could take your pain away. I’m always there for you and always thinking of you ❤️ Xxx

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