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The 7 Stages Of Grief - Loss of a pet or loved one - grief is grief

It's important to remember that grief is a deeply personal experience, and not everyone will go through these stages in the same way or in the same order. Additionally, some individuals may not experience all of these stages, and some may revisit certain stages multiple times before finding resolution. Please NOTE, it doesn't take 7 days, the photos are from our social media where we did one a day. 
  1. **Shock and Denial**: This initial stage often involves feelings of disbelief and numbness. People may have difficulty accepting the reality of the loss or the situation they're facing. Denial serves as a defense mechanism to protect individuals from overwhelming emotions.
  1. **Pain and Guilt**: As the shock wears off, the pain of the loss becomes more apparent. Feelings of intense sadness, anger, and guilt may emerge. People may ruminate over what they could have done differently or feel guilty for things left unsaid or undone.
  1. **Anger and Bargaining**: Anger can arise as a response to feeling helpless or out of control. Individuals may direct their anger towards themselves, others, or even a higher power. Bargaining often accompanies this stage, where people may make deals or promises in an attempt to regain control or change the outcome of the situation.
  1. **Depression and Loneliness**: During this stage, the full weight of the loss may sink in, leading to profound feelings of sadness and despair. People may withdraw from others and experience feelings of isolation and emptiness. Depression is a natural response to significant loss, but it's essential to seek support during this time.
  1. **The Upward Turn**: As time passes, individuals may begin to adjust to the reality of the loss. While the pain may still be present, it becomes more manageable, and moments of calm and acceptance may emerge. This stage marks the beginning of healing and the gradual return to a sense of normalcy.
  1. **Reconstruction and Working Through**: In this stage, individuals start to reconstruct their lives and find meaning in the loss. They may explore new ways of thinking, develop coping strategies, and engage in activities that promote healing and growth. It's a time of reflection and integration of the loss into one's life story.
  1. **Acceptance and Hope**: The final stage involves accepting the reality of the loss and embracing the future with a sense of hope. While the pain may never fully disappear, individuals can find peace and acceptance, allowing them to move forward with their lives. This stage is not about forgetting but rather about finding a new way of living with the loss.

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